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Divorce is not always easy because there are so many legalities involved in the process. Child custody, property settlements and parental responsibilities are some of the legal issues that come into the picture when getting a divorce. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing and the last thing you want to do is struggle with the process. A divorce lawyer comes in handy during this trying phase of your life. The divorce attorney represents and guides you through the process, making it easier for you to handle. But to enjoy a smooth process, you must find yourself a reliable attorney.

1. Talk to friends and relatives

2. Know what your needs are

3. Do your research

4. Create a budget

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Divorce mediation, a calm, rational negotiation to iron out the terms of a marriage's end, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to acrimonious traditional divorce litigation.

In divorce mediation, a mediator aids in negotiation between a husband and wife by assisting with communication, acting as a buffer when tempers flare and providing information and strategies to help resolve differences. The benefits of this process are lower costs, less angst and an agreement the parties want to adhere to, rather than one they're forced to adhere to.

It's a fact that a traditional in-court divorce complete with feuding attorneys and out-of-court drama can hit an already suffering husband and wife a knockout blow square in the pocketbook. Typical divorce costs can run anywhere from two to ten times higher than the cost of a divorce mediation.

Once the couple has reached an agreement on all issues in the divorce mediation, the mediator writes up an agreement for review by the parties and, if they have them, their attorneys.

Because of the collaborative and communicative nature of divorce mediations compare couples who have mediated their divorce with couples who go through an adversarial divorce, mediating couples are more likely to be satisfied with the process and the results, likely to take less time and spend less money, and are less likely to go back to court later to fight about something.

Divorce mediation keeps you and your spouse in control. That can help in recovering from the break and moving on and enjoying your life.

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Peritoneal mesothelioma is a disease that occurs in the peritoneum membrane. Before proceeding ahead let's take a look what the peritoneum membrane is.

The peritoneum membrane is divided into parietal and visceral peritoneum. The visceral peritoneum lines the intestinal tract and the abdominal organs. And the parietal peritoneum envelops the abdominal cavity. These layers protect the internal organs and also secrete fluids that lubricate the organs facilitating easy movement of the organs within the abdominal cavity.


Like in the case of all types of mesothelioma, asbestos is considered to be the main cause for peritoneal mesothelioma. Asbestos can be fatal for the body and can also cause cancer along with other severe diseases.

Asbestos dust causes significant harm when it enters into the body. The dust may enter the body in two ways.

Firstly, it can enter the body through the lungs during breathing. In this case the dust travels through the lymph nodes and reaches the peritoneal cavity. Secondly, it can enter due to involuntary ingestion while working with asbestos.

It has also been found that mesothelioma can be cured by rectifying certain genes of the body. For this very purpose, gene therapy is currently being tested with as a possible treatment. Gene therapy helps to rectify the faulty genes of the body, but this process, along with immunotherapy, haven't been introduced in hospitals yet as they are still under medical scrutiny.

There are many treatments for mesothelioma but no single treatment is capable of curing the patient single handedly. Doctors therefore take a multimodality approach. It means that a combination of many treatments are used instead of a single treatment. There are several factors that determine the type of combination of treatments to be used, and it varies from case to case.

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