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Divorce is not always easy because there are so many legalities involved in the process. Child custody, property settlements and parental responsibilities are some of the legal issues that come into the picture when getting a divorce. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing and the last thing you want to do is struggle with the process. A divorce lawyer comes in handy during this trying phase of your life. The divorce attorney represents and guides you through the process, making it easier for you to handle. But to enjoy a smooth process, you must find yourself a reliable attorney.

1. Talk to friends and relatives

2. Know what your needs are

3. Do your research

4. Create a budget

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According to statistics, medical negligence is the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States, right behind cancer and heart diseases. Nobody among us will want our loved ones to suffer from serious health issues, due to the carelessness of the doctor.

In this article, we will look at various types of medical negligence, and steps that you could take to avoid medical negligence, etc.

Different types of negligence:

  • Surgical errors
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delivery room errors

Under misdiagnosis, the medical expert will not have diagnosed your condition properly, and might have prescribed incorrect medication to you. This could deteriorate your medical condition and might lead to serious health issues.

Things You Need To Look At Before Finalizing Anything

Before proceeding ahead, make sure that you consider all the possible repercussions and implications. It is a time consuming process, and you might need to spend a great deal of money too.

You could file a complaint only in the following situations-

  • If you wish to expose the doctor to the media and masses
  • You really feel that the doctor was careless while handling your case
  • You want an apology from the medical expert
  • You want to claim monetary compensation

If you wish to prevent such situations, it is better to research thoroughly before consulting a lawyer.

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California divorce mediation can be an important part of divorce. I am quite sure that many people do not fully understand what divorce mediation is. In fact, I have even come across people who do not have the slightest idea what it really is. Let me explain to you what this is all about, and after you read this article, you'll hopefully acquire adequate knowledge about this topic.

First of all, it is very important to understand that divorces in California are handled through the state's Superior Court system. The Family Court Services department is under California's Superior Court system and according to the state's law (Section 3170 of the Family Code, just in case you are wondering), if a divorcing couple cannot agree on a parenting plan for their children (those that are minors, to be specific), they will be ordered to attend California divorce mediation. So keep this in mind: most probably, if a divorcing couple has a minor child or children and they cannot agree on a parenting plan, they will be required to participate in divorce mediation.

I must also point out that there are two types of mediators. The first is the non-attorney mediator. Non-attorney mediators can be used by a couple when their problems are personal or parenting-related. The other type is the family law attorney-mediator. These mediators can be used if legal or property issues are already involved.

However, not all California divorce mediation is successful. There are just some couples that cannot reach an agreement. According to Section 3170 of the California Family Code, if mediation is unsuccessful, then it will be the judge who decides and makes an order at a hearing. This just goes to show how serious California divorce mediation, and the California court system, in general, considers the welfare of a divorcing couple's child or children.

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