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Divorce is not always easy because there are so many legalities involved in the process. Child custody, property settlements and parental responsibilities are some of the legal issues that come into the picture when getting a divorce. It can be mentally and emotionally taxing and the last thing you want to do is struggle with the process. A divorce lawyer comes in handy during this trying phase of your life. The divorce attorney represents and guides you through the process, making it easier for you to handle. But to enjoy a smooth process, you must find yourself a reliable attorney.

1. Talk to friends and relatives

2. Know what your needs are

3. Do your research

4. Create a budget

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Incorporating in Indiana is an easy process that can be done by hiring an experienced lawyer or a firm that specializes in helping people incorporates. People are no longer daunted by the complexity of the incorporation process, as they have realized the numerous advantages of incorporating and how it helps build credibility for their business.

Process of Incorporating:

- The kind of corporation to be formed has to be decided on and the necessary action to be taken for incorporating the venture.

- The name of the corporation has to be selected with care. It should be original, not a duplicate of any other registered business, nor be in the list of reserved names. The name may contain the words "bank" or "banks" as long as it does not convey the impression that it offers the same services as a bank or a trust company. The name has the end with the words or the abbreviations of the words "Incorporated," "Corporation," "Company," or "Limited."

- Every corporation in Indiana has to have a registered office.

- Biennial reports have to be filed with the Secretary Of State. These reports have to include details such as corporate name, address of its registered and principal offices, names and addresses of the registered agent, and initial directors and officers.

- Taxes are as per the taxable net income of the corporations.
These are a few guidelines for incorporating in Indiana.

There are firms that offer their services as well as products to help new entrepreneurs run a successful business.

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Medical malpractice is defined as 'professional negligence by an act or omission by a health care provider in which care provided deviates from accepted standards of practice in the medical community and causes injury or death to the patient'. Simply put, Medical Malpractice refers to an incident where a patient has been harmed by the doctor, who did not fulfil his/her duties the expected way.

Medical Malpractice is not just a term associated with CSI or Scrubs. In fact recent estimates show that at least 225,000 people or more die every year from Medical Malpractice incidents which range from incorrect diagnosis to errors made during surgery. In fact, Medical Malpractice is the third most common reason for death in the USA alone. Although they are entitled to do so, only 2% of such victims file compensation. In 2002, it was found that an average of 195,000 deaths in American hospitals were due to medical errors which could have been easily prevented.

Common instances of Medical Malpractice

  1. Failure to Diagnose - If the patient had been treated by a different doctor; it could have lead to a better diagnosis or treatment.
  2. Wrong Treatment - The patient was not administered the right treatment or the diagnosis was correct and the treatment was incompetent.
  3. Unreasonable Delay - The doctor failed to treat or note a medical condition on time, which resulted in serious injuries or damage to the patient.
  4. Failure to Intimate Patient - The doctor did not convey full information to the patient, withheld details or did not warn about possible risks and the patient would not have gone ahead HAD he known of the risks.

Filing for Medical Malpractice claims can be a long ordeal, but if you are a victim you should fight for compensation by all means. However do keep in mind that the process could be a very lengthy one, is likely to be expensive in nature and may have a very different outcome from what you expect. If the case goes to trial, be prepared to answer questions or to be interrogated under oath. One of the most important things to do for yourself is to hire a lawyer who has handled such cases before, so that you have proper legal guidance before proceeding. The laws and procedures for Medical Malpractice claims vary from one state to the other, and in some cases, the money spent to get justice may outweigh your compensation amount. Think carefully about the pros and cons before filing such claims.

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